Hip Hop

What is hip hop dance?

Hip hop culture is diverse, and the styles of hip hop reflect the diversity.

From its origins in Popping/Locking, Breaking, and Boogaloo to newer styles like Krumping, Funk and West Coast, hip hop is a popular dance style that is constantly evolving. Always a crowd pleaser, this type of dance is full of life, energy, and fun, fun, fun!

  • Adult Hip Hop

    Adult Hip Hop

    Don’t let the kids have all the fun! Try your hand at today’s hottest dance style! Show them you’ve got…

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  • Hip Hop: Basic, A, B, C, D

    Hip Hop: Basic, A, B, C, D

    45 minutes of Hip hop dance for ages 7+. This class is based upon 3 levels of hip hop: Basic/Beginners,…

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