• Adult Ballet

    Adult Ballet

    1 hour class designed to be a great workout alternative to dancers who would like a slower paced yet challenging…

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  • Terrific 3’s

    Terrific 3’s

    Our Terrific 3's class features songs and dance moves sure to have your little one asking you when it's time…

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  • Fabulous 4’s

    Fabulous 4’s

    Our Fab 4's are set to take their first steps into our pre ballet program with this 45 min class!…

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  • 30/30 for 5’s and 6’s

    30/30 for 5’s and 6’s

    For children ages 5-6 with a working knowledge of Fabulous 4 skills. Students will continue to hone their strength and…

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  • 30/30


    30/30 6 to 8 year olds will begin their journey into the beautiful world of ballet with its turns, grace…

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  • Ballet 101 & 102

    Ballet 101 & 102

    1 hour; Pre-Ballet classes for students wishing to continue in the ballet curriculum. Class Attire: * Note: Dance shoes are…

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  • Ballet Technique A, B, C, D

    Ballet Technique A, B, C, D

    1.5 hr classes. A graded ballet technique program based upon DEA’s ballet curriculum. Students are required to take at least…

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  • Ballet 102I

    Ballet 102I

    1 hr: This is a second hour of 102 training for those dancers wishing to enter our intensive program. Students…

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  • Pre-Pointe


    ½ hr class. A foot, ankle and leg strengthening program which prepares students for the rigors of pointework. Students need…

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  • Pointe


    Students will only be placed on pointe when the instructor feels they are physically ready to do so. Instructor has…

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  • Advanced Pointe and Partnering

    Advanced Pointe and Partnering

    This class teaches ballet partnering skills. Girls must be placed in this class. Guys ask how YOU can be an…

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