My daughters have performed in my living room since they  could walk. Being a dancer at AoD has put them on the big stage.. my girls' dreams coming true! AoD has provided a creative and challenging environment for my daughters both mentally and physically. Additionally, they have benefited immensely in their self-esteem and social skills as a result of the positive and supervised environment of caring role-model instructors. In our house, we refer to AoD as our Second Family!  - Tasha Lynn Folds

Tasha L Folds,

I love that AoD allows dancers past the age of 18 to continue growing in their craft and their love of dance. It definitely gives me something to look forward to at the end of a long work day. Thanks AoD!

Brea Nightingale,

My (16 yr old) daughter has been blessed to take ballet, tap, and jazz at the AoD since she was 5. She was in Expressions and loves to dance. It has brought her up in all of her academics and other school performances. It has been a wonderful experience where they learn grace, performance, responsibility and how practice is perfection. Music is her constant and dance is its movement. It promotes her to strive to do better than her best.

Wynnette Smith,

I enjoy watching my daughter feeling excited about going to class every week. She thoroughly enjoys ballet. She loves her friends that she has made.

Melanie Shorter Jones,