Progression Philosophy

Our Dance program is based upon a child’s natural physical and cognitive development, allowing children to excel according to their developmental age. Children will form a strong dance and musical foundation as well as learn general classroom behavior and manners which will follow them throughout their dance career. We partner with parents and caregivers  at each step along the way so that everyone is involved in the child having the best experience possible in our first steps program.

Our Parent-Tot program allows the 2.2-3.5 yr old child to explore body awareness, musical rhythms, and dancing with others within the safety net of having a parent nearby. Our goal is to have a fun dance class for parents and children to share while gently weaning the child to be able to dance in a class independently by the year’s end.

Our Terrific 3s class for 3.5-4.5 yr old children is an independent class time where the basics of dance, such as gross motor skills as well as non-locomotor movement are explored. Monthly lesson plans focus on aspects such as: dancing independently or with a group; directions and pathways; basic ballet positions; creative expression and body awareness. Social skills are developed such as: waiting patiently for their turn; following the leader, and working together with others. Children will be giving coloring pages of the step of the week so that parents may reinforce at home what the child is learning in class.

Our Fabulous 4s and Fantastic 5s classes are designed to build upon the curriculum learned in Terrific 3s while adding more ballet terminology to the dancer’s vocabulary. In Fantastic 5s, basic tap steps are introduced as children become more aware of the fine motor skills needed to isolate the foot movements needed for tap.  We do not offer jazz or hip hop for this young age level, as children must become more aware of their fine motor capabilities while continuing to strengthen their balance and coordination skills in order to easily pick up and progress with these genres.

Our 30/30 Classes for ages 6-7 are recommended as children become more capable in their body movements. Ballet is great for coordination, balance, and posture while tap is a natural way to improve rhythm and musical awareness.

101 Combination Class
This class for 8-11 year olds will combine 30 minutes of ballet with 30 minutes of tap and allow dancers to take their first steps in classical jazz technique. Children at this level are taking their first steps into more serious ballet technique, begin learning standard tap steps all tappers should know, and begin a strengthening program for classical Broadway-style Jazz technique.

102 Classes
In order to build upon their knowledge of each dance style, children in this level are moved into 45 minute classes for each style of dance. This class length will help children gain a greater knowledge base and level of technical proficiency. Children in this level are also encouraged to take a minimum of two ballet classes weekly which will act as their stepping stone to strengthen their dance abilities for all other forms of dance. In essence, children will now be able to choose from 1 of 2 tracks: Intensive, or Recreational dancer.  Upon completion of this level of dance, dancers are also invited to audition for our Peter and the Wolf ballet as well as our Expressions Dance Company.

For students who wish to one day dance on their toes in ballet (en pointe), or try lyrical dance, we recommend to do the intensive program, adding 2 or more ballet classes a week to their weekly dance schedule.  For those who do not desire a more robust dance schedule, we recommend taking classes in the recreational class track.